I have been very fortunate to be able to enjoy our great outdoors from a very young age. My dad took me bear hunting and shot a bear with me when I was only 5 years old and I still remember parts of that today. I have also spent 1000's of hours working and enjoying our outdoors with outfitting over the years. I am very proud of our outdoors here in Saskatchewan, as we have some of the best outdoors in the world and I truly enjoy guiding and showing others what we have to offer. I have also been able to take my boys with me for many years now and the last several years they have been hunting as well. I have also had clients bring their kids on hunts over the years as well. There is no better feeling as a parent then to experience the outdoors with your children.

Some parents may not have the ability, knowledge or even the interest in the outdoors to be able to take their children, while others may have the means to take them out locally but don't have the ability or knowledge to travel and experience other places or activities and here in Saskatchewan, there is so much to see and do in our great outdoors.

This is why I am starting the Truly Canadian Outdoors Youth Hunting and Outdoor Club, as I want to give as many kids as possible a chance to experience the outdoors with their parent(s), like I was able to do with my dad and am doing with my children. It has been something that I have been thinking about for many years now but just wasn't sure how to go about it. Being a licensed outfitter gives me access to the outdoors that others may not have, plus the equipment that I use for outfitting and my lodge in Swan Plain. I am set up to host people in the outdoors whether it be hunting or other outdoor activities but it still costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to be able to do this, so I will be working with sponsors, to make this happen.

In 2015, the Foam Lake Wildlife Federation sponsored an essay contest for a youth bear hunt for a young member of the club and 14 year old Troy Bryksa was the lucky winner and was accompanied by his dad Cory on his bear hunt in Sept of 2015. Troy was very excited for weeks leading up to the hunt and things happened fast for Troy as he had a beautiful brown color phase bear down within 40 minutes. There was four of us sitting on the ground at 50 yards and we were able to watch a bull moose at the same time Troy was shooting his bear. Troys picture is the first one in the slide show above.

For 2016, my hopes are to have several sponsored youth hunts and maybe some outdoor excursions as well. At this time, there are 3 fully guided 2016 fall bear hunts available. The Foam Lake Wildlife Club has agreed to sponsor another bear hunt, Yorkton Humpties and NAU Group of Companies are also sponsoring 2016 bear hunts and depending on the youth interest, I will find more sponsors if needed. My goal is to get as many kids involved in the outdoors as I can and make the whole experience fun and exciting for everyone. Hunts and excursions will all be listed on the link above and will be posted on the TCO Face Book pages as well. A big shout out goes to the sponsors as well as this would not be possible without them.

Saskatchewan youth, grade 7-12 (12-18 years old)(kids under 16 should do this with their parents), can click the link above to fill out the form to become a member of the Truly Canadian Outdoors Youth Hunting and Outdoor Club. Once the form is completed, the youth will become a member of the club and will also be invited to be a member of the PRIVATE TCO Youth Hunting Club Face Book group page (if interested). I am not a huge Face Book promoter but this is the best option I have to be able to communicate with the young members at this time. This will be a private FB page and will be limited to the youth members, their parents or guardians, sponsors and a few others who will be helping to promote this club, so only those invited and approved will be able to see what is going on and comment. Anyone using inappropriate talk will be deleted from the page. For those who do not have a Face Book account, you can communicate with me via my email account on the contact us page. My main goal is to have every youth that is interested involved, to make it fun for everyone and enjoy our great outdoors.