Our whitetail deer population is getting stronger and stronger, with several mild winters in a row. Although I have taken only a hand full of hunters the last several years, I have been baiting and setting trail cameras up to get a good idea how the deer are doing and I am really liking what I am seeing (check out the trail camera pictures). With that being said, I feel very confident to start booking more hunters for the fall of 2019.

Hunting is never a guarantee, but one thing we can promise is that every effort will be given to make your hunt as comfortable and successful as possible. Saskatchewan is known for growing magnificent whitetail and with these mild winters, comes healthy deer and in turn huge racks. One thing when you are sitting in the woods in Saskatchewan, is you never know what might walk out in front of you.

In Saskatchewan you are allowed to bait and you will be hunting over active bait sites. The shots will range from 40 yards to 200 plus yards, so there is something for all comfort levels. It can be very cold in Saskatchewan during the November rifle season, so warm clothes and boots are a must. Most whitetail hunters will sit all day (roughly 10 hours a day, roughly 730 AM-530 PM) as you never know when that buck of a lifetime may choose to walk by in the November rifle season.

 These are 6 day hunts and the rifle season is November and the first week of DecemberLicense are $430 CAD and will be purchased by credit card about 1 month before the season starts (Oct. 1) and will be waiting for you at camp upon arrival. This hunt is at our lodge in Swan Plain, Sask. and you are responsible to get to the camp yourself, once at camp all travel to and from hunt sites is included as well as preparation of your trophy for the trip home (not taxidermy or meat processing). The hunts are Full American Plan with food and lodging included.

If interested, call or email for price.