With a lack of hunting pressure, our black bear population is thriving these days, with a great number of big, mature bears in the area. Considering the size of our outfitting area, we are only licensed for a small number of tags each year and have really taken a minimal amount of hunters the last several years. Combine this with very little resident bear hunting in the area and it makes for some great bear hunting.

Although we have been taking a very small number of bear hunters, we have had some great success with big bears and some beautiful colored bears as well and have many quality bears on trail camera still out there. These are fall bear hunts, usually done in the first 2 weeks of September. We take archery, muzzle loader, shot gun and rifle hunters, so stands will be set up accordingly. In Saskatchewan we are allowed to bait for bears, so all stands will have active baits with a combination of goodies for the bears. Most bear hunters will sit 4-8 hours a day, depending on what the trail cameras are showing and how serious they are about a trophy bear. For those a little more adventurous, we do some ground bear hunting as well.

License is $315 CAD and will be purchased by Credit Card roughly 1 month before the hunting season starts and will be waiting for you at camp upon arrival. You are responsible to get to the camp yourself, which is located in our lodge in Swan Plain, Sask., roughly 3 1/2 hours from Regina. Once at camp all travel to and from hunt sites is included, as well as preparation of your trophy for the trip home(not taxidermy). The hunts are Full American Plan with food and lodging included. We like to have at least 3 hunters in camp at a time.

Call or email for price if interested.