Welcome to Truly Canadian Outdoors.  My name is Elliott Maduck and I am the owner of TCO.  I live in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan with my wife Heather and two boys Brennan (16) and Colby (14).  I have been guiding and outfitting for the past 22 years and have been very fortunate to have enjoyed the outdoors my whole life.  I am very proud of our great outdoors here in Saskatchewan and truly enjoy guiding and showing others what we have to offer.

Truly Canadian Outdoors is licensed to outfit in Saskatchewan for whitetail deer, black bear and water fowl for non residents and for elk for Saskatchewan residents, however TCO is not just about outfitting. It is about our great outdoors here in Saskatchewan and Canada and enjoying and experiencing them with others.  Although it has been in the works for several years, in 2015 the TCO Youth Hunting and Outdoor Club was started, where we will work with sponsors to get kids aged 12-18 out hunting and on other outdoor excursions with their parents. We also hope to start the TCO Hunting and Outdoor Club for adults in 2016, where adults from around the world who want a chance to come and enjoy hunts and other outdoors excursions in the Truly Canadian Outdoors.